Luxury Travel

Time & Place

Time & Place is a luxury travel site providing customers with access to multi-million dollar homes across the globe.  We built a them a database-driven, responsive website using Ruby on Rails.

  • Ruby on Rails driven web application
  • Fully responsive layout for mobile use
  • Database-driven property catalog
  • Google driven mapping engines
  • Site uses jQuery, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails
Custom Ruby on Rails Development

A Social Network


Spaceblues needed a fresh, slick new site for artists to showcase their work in an interactive fashion.  We migrated accounts and assets from their old Drupal 6 site to a totally new Drupal 7 site with a fresh new theme and e-commerce to drive artwork sales.

  • Extensive social network features
  • Commision-earning artwork sales (Drupal Commerce)
  • Feeds, notifications and commenting
  • Drag and drop management of artwork
  • Connectivity with 3rd party networks (FB,Twitter)
Spaceblues - Social - Drupal Development

Custom Modules

University of Colorado

CU Boulder needed a custom set of modules to adminster resident surveys and subsequent roommate agreements.  We developed a drop-in set of modules that integrated with 3rd party APIs and existing authentication engines.

  • Custom modules with install routines and continual updates
  • Scheduled syncs against existing client databases
  • Multi-tiered, hierarchical admin reporting
  • Extensive admin configuration options
University of Colorado Drupal Development

Public Sector

New Mexico Asset Library

After a successful engagment with New Mexico's Tourism Department on their Catch the Kid promotional website, we were again approached by the state, this time to develop an asset library for New Mexico's media partners.

  • Drupal 7 based application
  • Multi-tiered access levels
  • Customized administrative tools
  • User submission of creative content
  • Admin approval engine
  • File download tracking and reporting
New Mexico Asset Library - Drupal Development

Denver Web Development

step 1. admit you have a problem

Maybe you have a new idea brewing but don't have a partner lined up to help you build and nurture it.

Maybe your current web application doesn't do what you need, your development partner can't keep up or your customers are grumbling and seeking out other options.  

Regardless of your situation, you need a development partner committed to your success.

step 2. let us help

Let us give you the no-bull diagnosis and prescribe a swift and effective course of treatment.

We'll help you develop a comprehensive development strategy and build you a powerful new website that elates your customers, strikes fear into the hearts of competitors, streamlines your workflow and ultimately saves you (and makes you) some real money.

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