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Rehab Creative Team

Our Team

We have a small, focused team of developers that collectively know more about the web, usability, design and programming than most shops three times our size.

We're coders, designers, usability fanatics and all-around experts at "internetting" with a knack for clear, concise communication and a commitment to efficiency.

Team Members


Danny heads things up at Rehab, splitting his time between running the business, making sure clients are happy, and writing code. Prior to Rehab Creative, Danny was part of development/IA teams for Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Qwest and others.  Danny's also a technical reviewer for Packt Publishing's Drupal books.

Senior Developer

Mike's involved in most projects from inception to completion and helps ensure their quality is top-notch. Mike excels at diagnosing problems and fixing quirky bugs, but prefers creating beautiful, problem free code from the get-go. He handles much of the day-to-day at Rehab and is actively involved in all aspects of design and development around the office.

Developer / Drupal Admin

Nick helps our clients with Drupal administration and ongoing development needs. Nick's development role is geared primarily toward our existing maintenance and support clients, though when time allows he might be involved in code for your new project with Rehab.

Development Lead

Standing at an imposing 6'4", Brandon is a force to be reckoned with. During the work day, he pounds Drupal into submission and when he's done proceeds to tackle 50 mile runs to unwind. An elite athlete, a skilled developer and a proven team leader. A true super-clydesdale.

Account Manager

Brad's the account manager for most of our new accounts and nurtures relationships with clients from the sales process through project completion.  He'll likely be your primary point of contact for any website needs during a project engagement.

Backend Developer

Max is our resident trivia king, and a wizard with Drupal.  He juggles a broad range of development duties - from HTML/CSS to custom module development and migrations, and builds javascript-based games in his free time.

Designer and Frontend Developer

Aside from counting her macros and instructing Pop Pilates and SPRINT, Dom's got an eye for design and handles the bulk of our creative work along with some frontend development and Drupal site building. Dom also works with Mike to keep our Pop Tart inventory under control.