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Why We're Better

The assertion that "we're better" is not simply marketing spin.  It's what our clients continually tell us.  The State of New Mexico Tourism Department had this to say about us:  “You and your team have done an excellent job in putting back together what was a totally nonfunctional Web site. We have gotten a positive reaction from what was formerly a very frustrated public. Thank you!

A depressing statistic is that roughly 50% of our business consists of fixup projects for clients abandoning their previous web development partners.  Every week we talk to folks who are engaged (to the client's dismay) with a flashy shop that over-promised and under-delivered.  

An encouraging statistic is that we've completed 100% of new, and fixup projects that we've taken on.  Additionally, in over 5 years, we've never lost a client to a competing shop.

We believe this is because:

  1. We speak honestly about our capabilities
  2. We present realistic timelines that we can actually hit (and do hit over 95% of the time)
  3. We care intimately about the satisfaction and success of our clients
  4. We're small, agile, focused and don't commit to more work than we can efficiently process

Do yourself a favor and skip the heartache of picking one of those *other* shops.  Maximize your ROI and engage with us from the outset.  Your project will get done twice as fast, at half the cost.  See a typical fixup scenario to see what we mean.