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Typical Fixup Scenario

This is the scenario we encounter on a regular basis.  If this scenario starts to sound eerily familiar as you read it, please contact us immediately!


Client engaged with Bigtime shop out of San Francisco because they had a smooth-talking sales guy and an impressive client list.  Pre-engagement talks were compelling and savvy.  Promised timelines were amazing.  The deliverables sounded perfect.


Everything is peachy during the design process.  Designs look amazing, but leave some interaction questions unanswered.  Bigtime shop assures Client they are minor issues.


Client becomes frustrated with lack of communication from Bigtime shop.  Bigtime shop tells Client "We can't do that" for many requested features.  Bigtime shop tells Client they have unreasonable expectations.  Client starts thinking about other options.


Projected launch deadline has been missed by 6 months and some major functional requirements still aren't working.  Project seems stalled and Bigtime shop demands more money.


Client approaches Rehab Creative because they've heard good things about us.  We diagnose the state of their application and quickly prescribe a course of treatment.  Within a month, Client has a robust application fully deployed and open for business.  


Unfortunately the Client had to pay Rehab Creative for the emergency treatment, on-top of what they already paid Bigtime shop for a non-functional product.  In most cases, we've calculated that clients often end up spending 200-300% more money with these scenarios than they would have spent had they engaged with us in the first place.  

Learn from the hard-lessons of those before you.  Skip the runaround, talk to us first, save gobs of money and get your project done right the first time.