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Our Team

We have a small, focused team of web-nerds that collectively know more about the web, usability, design and programming than most shops five times our size.

We're coders, designers, usability fanatics and all-around experts at "internetting" with a knack for clear, concise communication and a commitment to efficiency.

Team Members

Lead Developer

Danny heads things up at Rehab, splitting his time between running the business and acting as the team's development lead. Danny's been the lead on projects for The PGA Tour, Umpqua, The Quintess Collection, New Mexico Tourism Department, Colorado Springs, Firecore and many more. Prior to Rehab Creative, Danny was part of development/IA teams for Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Qwest and others.

Danny's also a technical reviewer for Packt Publishing, and is presently reviewing the upcoming book "Drupal 7 Development by Example: Beginner's Guide."


Mike is the Jack of all trades in the web world. He's involved in most projects from inception to completion and helps ensure their quality is top-notch. Mike excels at diagnosing problems and fixing quirky bugs, but prefers creating beautiful, problem free code from the get-go. He handles much of the day-to-day at Rehab and is actively involved in all aspects of design and development around the office.

Developer / Drupal Admin

Nick helps our clients with Drupal administration and ongoing development needs. Nick's development role is geared primarily toward our existing maintenance and support clients, though when time allows he might be involved in code for your new project with Rehab.


Rob lives deep in the trenches of server-side code, grinding away on rails and php projects alike. If it doesn't involve data migrations, external API integration, models, classes and recursion, he's not interested.
That said, with a background in technical project management, Rob has communication chops most backend devs can only dream of.

Business Development

Brad heads up business development and also works as an account manager for most of our new accounts. Brad makes sure we're a good match for a project and nurtures relationships with clients from the sales process through project completion.


As the youngest member of the team, Max makes sure we're up to speed on the latest trends and memes.  He juggles a broad range of development duties - from HTML/CSS to Drupal module development, and builds javascript-based games in his free time.